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Kiyla is a highly skilled Pilates instructor with an innate sense of how to adapt the sessions to each person’s particular needs. I started Pilates as a result of a back injury. Kiyla worked with me to modify the exercises until I became more confident and could perform them more easily. She creates excellent rapport by listening and responding and encouraging. Her instructions were clear and easy to follow with an emphasis always on proper form to get the most benefit from the exercise. She makes Pilates interesting and fun. Best of all, no back problems due to a stronger core and better posture. I can’t recommend her highly enough.

Mike Thompson

I worked with Kiyla for three years before she moved. In that time, I came to understand my skeleton and how to work with my own muscles in a way I could never have imagined possible. She approached our sessions with such intelligence and thoughtfulness, and I never left a session without feeling as if I had learned something profound about myself and my space on the planet. She did all of this with a sense of fun and a lightheartedness that belied the immense training and knowledge underneath it. When I became injured at work due to a computer over use injury, an injury that I thought would end my cubicle career, Kiyla incorporated dynamic stretching sessions into our work. Those sessions saved my arm, and my career. They healed me faster than any other treatment that was recommended. Again, she displayed knowledge, training and, even more importantly, an instinct that I continue to respect deeply. I learned so much from her and with her. I will miss my sessions with her for the rest of my life. If you are lucky enough to have the chance to work with her, consider yourself blessed by the whole universe. She is one of the most talented healers I have ever known. I can still hear her voice at times, telling me to not ignore my back body, to hug a tree, to relax my shoulders, and to make space in my spine, and it makes me sad and also makes me smile. I was so, so so lucky to work with her for as long as I did.

Rachel Shackelford

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I was a client of Kiyla for several months at her previous location in Pittsburgh prior to her recent relocation to Florida. I am a life long distance runner. When I first began my therapy sessions with Kiyla I had been unable to run regularly for several weeks due to a strained hamstring muscle. After just a few sessions with Kiyla I was back on the roads/trails again runner further and faster than before. Kiyla has a unique combination of skill and experience in massage therapy and physical training that, from my perspective, was like having both a massage therapist and physical therapist all in one. I would highly recommend her to anyone who is seeking an extremely professional massage therapist with a high degree of knowledge in the areas of physical training/fitness and overall well being.

Scott Whitney


I’ve had many massages before. I’ve even worked at a spa where massage was offered and had several excellent massages there. Kiyla’s massage was better than all of them. Her ability to tune in to my body’s needs extremely intuitively was amazing. I came into the massage with a very angry shoulder. When I left I felt like she massaged me a new shoulder.

Thank you! Can’t wait to have another soon!

Joseph Gray