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What I Do

I’m an esteemed Pilates-based Personal Trainer & Massage Therapist with a contagious passion &  unique approach to guiding my clients through an empowering experience— one that is inspirational & embodies the physical, mental, & emotional aspects of wellbeing.  My combination of fitness & bodywork experience allow me to address a clients particular needs or concerns from a comprehensive viewpoint that includes

active (kinetics) & passive (massage) movement, communication (mindfulness) & education (knowledge).

I discovered the joys of teaching movement & create better moving bodies in 2006. Since then I have assisted clients in recognizing their personal power, balance & grace. I use my knowledge of Pilates, corrective exercise, & touch cues with creative imagery & quick anatomy lessons in order to develop fun, challenging sessions uniquely designed to help my clients meet their fitness goals.

As a bodyworker, I have studied in-depth therapeutic techniques & human physiology.  I provide Deep Tissue, Sports, Manual Stretching & Thai Massage Sessions. I place a big emphasis on communication with clients and getting to know their daily movement habits. This interaction gives clients an awareness of what could be causing their body tension, stress or pain.  It also enables us to have deep, intuitive healing sessions.

My blend of kinetics, massage, mindfulness & knowledge reinforces the proverbial, yet powerful Mind*Body*Spirit connection. Coaching & developing this connection empowers my clients & allows me to provide them with amazing benefits. I love to keep current with everything related to integrative fitness, therapeutic touch & food based healing so that I can effectively coach others in holistic lifestyle choices. It is my goal to make the world a better place one healthy, happy person at a time.