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Kiyla Kinetics

We use Pilates Based Functional Training and Manual Therapy to help alleviate chronic pain, improve muscular coordination and strengthen the mind-body connection.  

You may have heard the saying "we store issues in our tissues".  The implication being that we store memories- joyful or traumatic- in our cells.  These memories are not stored in the brain cells as most people assume, but in the cells of our muscles, organs, fascia and joints. Working with the physical body allows you to "move" through your issues.  As a result you are able to connect the gap between mind and body while restoring optimal function.


Meet Kiyla

I’ve been a movement and health advocate for as long as I can recall. I believe everyone should live a life full of health, harmony, empowerment and freedom. This desire guides my teachings and practice which is focused on supporting my clients better connect to their bodies and mindset. I offer classes and private sessions, as well as holistic lifestyle support so that my clients are set up to achieve their wellness goals.

Pilates Work Out

Lack of activity destroys the good condition of every human being, while movement and methodical physical exercise save it and preserve it.


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St. Petersburg, FL and surrounding areas


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